10 Ways to Turn any Skill Into an Online Revenue Stream


“Lift your game and hone your skills. The Age of the Internet has arrived, and anyone can make money from what they know. Even if you’re a cook, a fitness expert, or a talented jeweller. Hard skills mean good money in the Internet’s knowledge economy.”

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Your real world skills, no matter what they are, can make you money online. Seriously. Even skills that are completely tied to physical, real world materials and places. Are you a joiner? A sculptor? An amazing cook? Can you turn everyday puddings into delectable desserts? A lump of metal into a crazy mesh of twisted imagination? A few pieces of driftwood into an inspiring cabinet of dreams?

However you do, whatever you know, you can teach! How? Through online courses, webinars, live tutorial sessions and much, much more. Read on for EDLOUD’s top ten ways to turn your knowledge into revenue. It’s about real money for real skills, and reveals how easy it is to offer quality training products online that give the real world colleges a run for their money.

So let’s dive into the 10 ways to turn your knowledge into a profitable online training business:

1. Make an Online Course

The Internet is one big classroom—one that lets students drop in any time, and where the teacher is in as soon as they click “play.” Whether it’s simple video tutorials, interactive discussions, quizzes, or even games, if you develop an educational course that delivers information to people in a way that’s convenient for them, you’ll have students cramming the virtual hallways on their way to your class.

2. Give Online Workshops

Live video sessions will reach dozens – potentially thousands – of students, and you’ll rake in the returns in no time with your engaging online workshops. They pay, you provide, they attend. It’s a simple formula, but everyone knows that simplicity works the best.

Here’s the thing: live workshops deliver extra value, and extra value is where it’s at when it comes to offering online content. See, students get to interact with their tutor (that’s you!), ask questions and get answers demonstrated, not just explained. They even get to complete projects as part of a group, which grows their sense of community and increases their global connections within their new industry. See what we mean by ‘extra value’?

3. Offer Private Tutoring

One-to-one teaching is ideal for an online environment. Think about it. No travel time for you or your students, but they still receive real-time voice and video interaction, and direct, private attention.

Tutor your clients from all round the world in a single afternoon! You can give them music lessons, direct demonstrations, homework help, and even language acquisition. For every person who already knows a particular area of knowledge, there are thousands out there who want to have those skills. Just pick your subject – the one you love the most – and seek out your students today!

4. Host Live Webinars

From online workshops to live webinars! They’re essentially similar, but slightly different. Again, you’ll reach thousands of people all at once, but you can pre-record demonstrations, use old webinars to market your work, and get increased residual income by charging fees for later viewing.

Use your online webinars to walk your students through a project, explain a set of skills, or otherwise offer quality education through a slide presentation. This way you can make a successful webinar that will big up your skills, entertain and inform, and the bonus value is for you this time: you can deliver the same presentation as often as you want. And make money every time.

5. Publish eBooks

Okay, so an eBook may be quite an effort, and if writing isn’t your thing – be honest with yourself here – it may not be the way forward. However, eBooks have an even broader reach than webinars and online workshops, and they’ll bring your money in over a much longer period of time than nearly any other product. An eBook is forever, not just for a special occasion.

Expert positioning is where you take the knowledge you have and use it. Even if you’re not a total expert, you still know more than many others out there. Write your book, promote it through the busiest online marketplaces, and update it as your industry changes and your own knowledge develops. You’ll see royalties for years. Really.

And the best part? Once your eBook is available online, it will sell for years without any more real effort from you.

6. Send out Newsletters

Remember the thing about extra value? Some information gathers value when delivered over time. Great examples include stock tips, in-depth political analysis, and even real estate advice. Your premium information can be curated in a paid newsletter, and it’s a great hook to get regular, on-going income, whilst attracting people to your other educational offerings.

You can even market your other materials through free newsletters, and this is a great way to create an organic fanbase. Why spend all that money on marketing, when your avid followers will spread the word for free?

7. Offer Online Consulting

Online consulting sessions have a serious value to companies, and marketing these, business-to-business (B2B) can sit your one-to-one tutorials in a highly profitable niche. Again, there’s no travel time, and essentially no effort for either you or the participants. They get the hands-on, personal approach; you get dedicated, interested students and lots of money. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home office.

Success and skills can be all theirs, and everyone leaves happy.

8. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are the new rage in broadcasting, and they can take on nearly any form you like. Give your listeners interview formats with a new expert guest each week, or current affairs and even lecture-style lessons that break down complex topics.

If your speaking voice has the right tone for your subject, and you’ve got a decent microphone on your computer, get your podcast out there today! Offer it for free until you pick up your audience, but don’t forget you can charge listeners for premium casts, seek sponsorship to turn it into a revenue-generation tool, or simply add a small charge after your listeners have dedicated themselves to your wisdom.

9. Sell Actual Stuff

Here’s an idea—why not sell actual stuff! Whatever skill or knowledge area you have, if you create physical items, you can sell them!

Do your tutorials walk people through craft projects? Sell kits that include everything your students need for a project. Teach people how to play the guitar? Sell sheet music, accessories, or even the guitars themselves. If your product is purely information, why not sell branded merchandise to build your fame and grow your bottom line simultaneously?

10. Affiliate Marketing

Finally, if you have an audience of people excited about your specialist subject, set up some affiliate marketing plans to sell other people’s stuff and take a cut off the top. This way you don’t have to deal with any inventory, ordering, or shipping. Write a regular blog and toss in a few links or even include them in your newsletter, and watch your expertise translate into effortless sales and on-going income.

Everyone at EDLOUD is excited about making money online through educational products. We know this space inside and out, upside and down, and we’re eager to help you figure out the best way to monetize your knowledge and skills. These ten ideas are just off the top of our heads; we’re always coming up with new ways to reach people, and we’d love to show you what we’re working on! Read more on our website to see what other people are doing. See you there!

Incurable Optimist, Founder&CEO @EDLOUD, Former COO @luxodocom, Serial Entrepreneur, no outstanding talents – but good camouflage!

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