How Bonsai Empire made $ 5,000 in less than 48 hours with creating online courses

When I first met Oscar from, his goal was to create his first online course on Bonsai trees and make at least $ 3,000 a month with it.

And THIS is what happened  (below I want to tell you some details on HOW he did it!): In less than 2 days after his first course went live, Oscar had already earned more than $ 5,000 from this ONE offer:


Amazing, right?

I had a call with Oscar after these crazy first 48 hours (he had then exceeded the $ 7k mark!) and he told me about how he did it.

Listen to the call here:

Oscar followed three “simple” steps (believe me, they are simpler than they might first seem!)

  1. He made a decision to turn his knowledge on Bonsai trees into any type of training content (in this case an online course, but could have also been an ebook, webinar or even just a good ol’ fashioned offline workshop).
  2. He found a tool to create his course, host it and accept payments for it (in this case he found our first course creation software
  3. And then he started to follow our marketing strategy (which is basically inbuilt into EDLOUD! And I will explain in further detail in another blog post.)

1.. 2.. 3.. 5,000 right? 😉

Well, creating online courses is not that easy. Or better, it was not that easy! But even with Oscar was able to achieve these fantastic results.  What if I told you that with it’s going to be even easier?

Let me go into a bit more detail about how help people like Oscar to turn their knowledge into a successful training business online:

  1. The decision
    • This should be the easy part right? Well, we learned it usually isn’t. Not because it’s complicated to make a decision on WHAT to do, but because people believe it is complicated to actually create the product itself (like online course or the webinar or the ebook). They become afraid of it and in the end they don’t even get started.
    • Good news: It’s really a lot easier than you think!
      • Let’s say you have no content at all, well then you start with offering live classes through Webinars or Google Hangouts. We have built these tools right into EDLOUD and you can start selling your expertise immediately.
      • Or you have content, but you don’t know how to create an online course… Well, we have built a tool that automatically turns your content into lectures and helps you to create interactive online courses in MINUTES!
  2. The tools
    • In the past you needed to find lots of tools, pay for lots of tools and setup lots of tools or – even worse – have a developer to do that for you.
    • In order to sell education or training products online:
      • You needed a CMS to build a website
      • You needed a different tool to create nice looking landing pages
      • You needed a shop system or a membership plugin to be able to sell your products
      • You needed a payment service provider to accept payments and maybe an additional tool to handle billing and VAT calculation etc.
      • You needed a software to create a course and another tool or plugin to host and deliver it
      • You needed a couple of marketing and CRM tools or features, like an affiliate tool, a coupon engine, an easy way to build sales and marketing funnels and so much more
      • You needed a tool to give you data and feedback
      • You needed to tie them all together
      • You needed so much…
    • I don’t want to promise too much, but check out EDLOUD to see if we really have put all these things into ONE SINGLE TOOL (at the price of one tool!).
  1. The Marketing
    • This is the hardest part. And I am happy that I can show you PROOF that we have been able to help people like Oscar to successfully market their educational product online. Oscar is by far not the only one. With we helped thousands of people to successfully grow their training businesses online.
    • As I said above, I want to write a few more detailed blog posts about this topic. Over the years we have tried a lot and learned a lot and from this we have developed strategies and we have built features right into EDLOUD which are based on these strategies.
    • Let me just list a few of these strategies:
      • High converting landing pages, specifically designed for each product type (selling online courses is as different from selling webinars as it is selling shoes online)
      • Special marketing funnels that start even BEFORE the actual launch of the product (pre-launch marketing campaigns that are used for new products all over the web, including social loops and refer-a-friend mechanisms)
      • Different pricing options for your products: Single Payments, Subscription or Membership Payment, Bundle-Prices, or even Group Licenses
      • Discount campaigns and coupons
      • Free trials and product previews
      • Testimonials and Reviews
      • Affiliate tools, refer-a-friend and reward programs
      • Deep integration of social media strategies and content marketing
      • Reusing your content for SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization)
      • Deep integration of email marketing and CRM campaigns
      • And at least 100 very specific growth hacking strategies for successfully selling online courses, ebooks, webinars or private tutoring classes through your own website

Again, give EDLOUD a try yourself and get a feeling for how we are helping experts, trainers, coaches and teachers out there to turn their knowledge and skill into profitable online businesses. Like Oscar :)

P.S.: If you have a story you would like to share, just comment please!

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