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Life coaching is all about helping people adapt to their circumstances, and helping them adapt their circumstances to achieve their life goals. The Internet is a part of everyone’s circumstance, and is a powerful and necessary way to meet most goals.

Twenty years ago, there were still some reasonable people and businesses who thought the Internet would remain on the outside of mainstream business, media, and communication. Ten years ago, the Internet’s transformation in practically every area of our lives was undeniable. Today, if you’re not reaching out to your customers online, you’re losing tons of opportunities to connect with your audience and create ongoing value for both of you.

Life coaching is all about helping people adapt to their circumstances, and helping them adapt their circumstances to achieve their life goals. The Internet is a part of everyone’s circumstance, and is a powerful and necessary way to meet most goals. When you make effective use of the Internet for reaching out to your potential coaching clients and for communicating with the clients you have, you’re not only making more out of your skills, knowledge, and potential, but you’re demonstrating how your clients can do the same.

Your Audience is Online, All the Time


The population is now connected to the Internet virtually all the time—many even while their asleep. Smartphones and other mobile devices have hugely overtaken desktop devices when it comes to accessing the Internet, precisely because these devices are capable of providing a constant, portable, and personal connection to the World Wide Web and the world at large.

The odds are actually pretty good that you’re reading this very article on a smartphone or a tablet—for the past year, more online content has been consumed using mobile devices than using desktop or laptop computers, and the gap has been growing steadily. At the same time, consumption of traditional media—television, radio, and print—has been steadily declining, with most traditionally published media also made available online and “in demand,” when and where the consumer wants it.

The Internet isn’t entirely replacing traditional media, but rather is eclipsing it and transforming it at the same time, making it less and less relevant to today’s always-online population.

In short, the mass media that matters at the moment is the mobile Internet, plain and simple. It’s where your audience already is, and it’s where your audience can always be reached. Having a strong online presence that is mobile-ready and focused on audience engagement is the quickest way to build your life coaching business, and to reach more people with your message of a better life.

Taking Your Coaching Online Only Takes a Little Time

If you’ve been holding back from going online due to fears that it would requires either substantial expense or technical expertise, there’s good news: getting online requires nothing but a bit of your time and some ability to use a keyboard.

The best online marketing materials are the ones that help you build a trusting and authoritative relationship with your audience by showing them the knowledge and experience you have to offer. Type up some tidbits of your life coaching wisdom, deliver a brief introduction to your services into a camera, and let people know how to contact you, and you’re already halfway there.

You may even have some material that’s all ready to go, you just don’t know how to make use of it online. Are there written materials—short books, even shorter guides, slide presentations you’ve used at group events, or other material you’ve put together to help your life coaching clients gain insight, take control of their lives, and keep themselves focused? Any material you use in the offline world can be great for outreach and for education online, it just has to be delivered in the right format. Videos of slide presentations or “slide decks” that readers can scroll through at their own pace, ebooks and PDF downloads that can start to educate potential clients and entice them to learn more, podcasts and motivational videos—the potential is virtually endless.

And one of the best aspects of heading online is that you get a much broader reach in a far more cost effective manner than you do through your offline marketing and outreach efforts. One ebook can go out to one recipient or one million, and you won’t see any costs for reproduction. One podcast on one website can be listened to a handful of times a year or a handful of times a minute—once it’s recorded, your investment in it stops and everything else is reaping the rewards. An email marketing campaign—proven to be one of the most effective channels for reaching new clients, increasing engagement with your audience, and converting recipients into paid coaching clients—can go out to a dozen current followers or a curated list of 100,000 with the same ease and start generating revenue from day one.

People look and listen for new opportunities online, and smartphones and tablets are increasingly their devices of choice for taking in new information. Reach out to them on the mobile web, and you’ll be in a position to help clients around the world achieve their dreams while you achieve your own. Makes Online Life Coaching Even Easier

EDLOUD platform was built specifically for trainers and coaches like yourself to bring your services to a larger online public. We can help you make and disseminate all manner of materials when it comes to engaging your audience and even delivering your materials to paying clients, and we can help you generate loads of ideas on how to do more with the power of the Internet.

We also give you a handy spot to integrate your online and offline efforts, giving you a hub from which to build out your new life coaching empire. You don’t have to take our word for it either—poke around, check out the platform, and feel free to contact us with questions any time. We’ve helped thousands of other knowledge professionals, and we know we can make the Internet work for you!

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